The Marble Man systems are designed to ensure that every customer’s experience is streamlined and positive. From first enquiry to job completion, every customer is treated with respect, and their individual job requirements are taken into consideration. Established telephone procedures ensure that consistent information is given to the customer and that adequate information is taken from them.

Our professionalism is also expressed through our physical image. All team members follow a dress code and are required to remain as neat and clean as practically possible.

The Marble Man currently has 17 sign written vehicles, which are stocked with high quality products and equipment.  Each team member who drives a vehicle is responsible for ensuring that vehicle is kept clean inside and out. Team members are also expected to adhere to common courtesy on the road and understand that their van identifies them and the business.

We recognize that timeliness is important to our customers, therefore it is mandatory for our technicians to contact the customer directly if they are going to be late. All technicians are equipped with a mobile phone and an iPad, detailing customer information and job requirements.

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One of the main comments that we receive from our customers, is that we know so much about different types of stone and stone restoration processes, compared to our competitors.  With over 29 years experience, The Marble Man is often called upon by manufacturers, installers, builders, stone owners and product suppliers to advise them on the most suitable stones to use, the best way to treat a problem or the best products to use for maintenance.

The volume of work carried out over so many years by The Marble Man has given us an advantage over competitors as it has allowed us to experience more issues, test more solutions and come up with information not accessible any where else.

We have comprehensive procedure manuals documenting standard practices, and our own tried and tested methods.  All technicians now carry iPads rather than paper notes so they have access to all job details and photos, and the ability to process payment on completion.

We give honest and realistic advice, and take the time to ensure that you understand your stone and how to maintain it.  We make recommendations that are safe and effective, and provide only quality products that will protect your investment.

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When it comes to quality we believe we can polish, repair, seal and clean stone surfaces better than our competitors.  Each Team member receives one-on-one specialised training when they commence with The Marble Man, so that consistency exists throughout the business in all processes.

Technicians are required to follow set procedures with regards to clean up and job site practices. Regular appraisals are carried out to ensure that each team member is compliant with The Marble Man standards, and to ensure the team member is satisfied with their working environment and the processes they are carrying out.

Ongoing training is provided when new processes or techniques are implemented. We are constantly investigating new products and processes with the introduction of engineered stones, and can offer the latest stone protection products.

In most cases we take the time to conduct follow up calls with our customers to check on their level of satisfaction with the completed work.  If any issues are raised these are addressed immediately so that the quality of our work and reputation is not compromised.  Communication with the customer is of vital importance and is another reason why the Marble Man stands out from our competitors.

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The Marble Man team cares about its customers, its quality of work, the business and its reputation.

We take care when capturing customer information.  We ensure that your details are recorded accurately and stored securely using an up to date computer data base system.

We take care when assessing each customer’s situation. We take the time to listen to you on the phone or in person, so that inspection and servicing times can be set to suit you.

We take care when carrying out inspections. Our sales team takes the time to accurately measure and assess each job, so that you receive a realistic quote for the work to be carried out.

We take care when carrying out technical work.  Our technicians are trained to respect your premises and belongings and to pay attention to detail when executing a process. Every effort is made to ensure each job site is left clean and tidy and that safe working practices are followed to protect both you and the team member.

We encourage feedback and offer the opportunity for every customer to tell us what they think. We have a follow up system for after work has been completed and a feedback form on the website.

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