Outdoor Stone Cleaning

Is your stone pool surround stained from leaves and dirt?

Natural stone adds a stunning dimension to any outdoor area. Sandstone and travertine are often found around pools or decks.  Whilst appealing to look at these stones are susceptible to weathering and staining from organic matter.

Leaves from trees, algae around pot plants, dirt from the environment, can stain natural, porous stone when left on the surface for too long. Here are some tips for keeping your outdoor stone tiles free from organic stains:

Tip 1: Remove the organic matter as soon as possible
It is important to remove leaves and berries immediately as the sap and colour from the fruit can soak into the stone. Bat or bird droppings when dry can become hard, extremely difficult to remove and can leave a brown stain.

Tip 2: Sweep regularly
Sweeping your outdoor area weekly will remove the build up of leaves, berries dirt and dust, often blown into corners. These can dull the look of your stone and the longer the dirt is left on the more difficult it is to remove.

For removing tough stains, that have penetrated beyond the surface of the stone will require specialised cleaning and or honing.  Contact The Marble Man if you need advice on removing in ground dirt from your outdoor stone tiles.

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Sandstone Paver Cleaning BeforeSandstone Paver Cleaning After

Do you know how to remove mould from your outdoor pavers?

Outdoor stone tiles around a pool, areas that are shaded by trees and away from sunlight, and tiles under wet pots are all susceptible to the growth of algae and mould.

If covered up and left for a long period of time, the mould and algae can soak into the stone and be difficult to remove. In some cases the stone will need high pressure cleaning with chlorine or honing to restore the look.

in addition to removing the source of the stain and sweeping regularly, here are some tips for preventing mould and algae growth:

Tip 1: Hose monthly
Hosing your outdoor stone tiles monthly, in conjunction with an anti-bacterial stone cleaner, will give them a deep clean that sweeping alone can’t achieve. It will also remove dirt trapped in grout joints and corners.

We recommend Stone Deep Clean

Tip 2: Heavy duty clean yearly
Moving pot plants and furniture and cleaning your stone tiles with a high pressure cleaner and Stone Deep Clean should remove algae, mould and some stains.

Caution: High pressure cleaning can damage aged stone and loosen grout. Professional cleaning of extremely dirty outdoor stone areas is recommended.  Contact The Marble Man to safely restore your outdoor stone tiles.

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Outdoor Stone Cleaning and Honing Marble Trim BeforeOutdoor Stone Cleaning and Honing Marble Trim After

Did you know that your outdoor tiles need an anti-bacterial treatment?

In addition to keeping your tiles clean, it is important that they remain bacteria free to help prevent mould growth. In addition to regularly removing debris, sweeping and hosing, these tips will help keep your tiles hygienically clean:

Tip 1: Place mats or feet under pots plants
This will allow water from the pot to dry or drain away, rather than being trapped under the pot and soaking into the stone, which can cause algae, mould growth and staining.

Tip 2: Clean with a specialised anti-bacterial stone cleaner
It is important to use a cleaner that contains an anti-bacterial agent and won’t discolour or etch the stone.

We recommend Stone Deep Clean in addition to the Scrub A Dub white scourer for stubborn dirt and stains.

If you are unable to treat your outdoor stone tiles, The Marble man can do this for you. Our Technician will assess whether your tiles require just cleaning or if honing is also needed to remove deep stains.

After cleaning or honing a combination or detergents and chlorine will be used to sanitise the area. The purpose of this anti-bacterial treatment is to ensure that any bacteria left on the stone, in grout joints or natural holes in the stone, is eliminated.

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Stone CleanerScrub A Dub safe on stone

Do you know which cleaning products to use on your outdoor tiles?

Many outdoor areas have slip resistant, textured surfaces, which can be difficult to clean if left too long without maintenance. That is why it is important to clean your outdoor area regularly with an effective and safe stone cleaner.

We recommend Stone Deep Clean.

This is a biodegradable, non-acidic detergent, that removes in-ground dirt on outdoor stone tiles. It is effective for cleaning granite, limestone, marble, sandstone, slate and travertine, engineered stone tiles, porcelain, ceramic and terracotta tiles, cement pavers, masonry, grout and linoleum.

Tips for using Stone Deep Clean

  • Read the entire label before use and shake bottle well
  • Always test a small, inconspicuous area
  • Move all furniture and pot plants
  • Hose the area then mop with Stone Deep Clean
  • Use a scrubbing broom or Scrub A Dub white scourer only for removing stains
  • Hose the area thoroughly after cleaning to remove all cleaner
  • Use on outdoor stone tiles at least once per month

You can order Stone Deep Clean and Scrub A Dub by completing the Stone Products Order Form, or by calling The Marble Man.

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