Outdoor Stone Honing

Outdoor stone pavers around pools, on decks and on driveways made from limestone and travertine are a stylish but affordable landscaping options that will enhance the look of any outdoor area and add value to your project.  These natural stones are slip resistant and do not become too hot in summer or cold in winter.

Although these stones are durable and aesthetically pleasing they are porous and susceptible to staining from leaves, soil, algae from pot plants and mould, and erosion from wind, rain, pollution, pool chlorine. Honing is a process that can reverse this damage and restore the natural, clean look and slip resistance to the stone.

The Marble Man has trained technicians who can professionally hone your outdoor stone pavers to a matt or semi-gloss finish depending on the desired result.  We will clean and treat your stone using the special outdoor stone cleaning products and the latest mould and anti-bacterial products, so that they remain looking cleaner for longer.

It is highly recommended that your newly honed outdoor stone surface be sealed after cleaning and honing to prevent further damage.

Outdoor Honing Process

Step 1:
Any outdoor furniture not removed by the customer will be removed by us and fittings such as pool fence glass and posts will be covered with plastic and tape.

Step 2:
The stone tiles and grout will be thoroughly cleaned using special detergents and scrubbing machines, then treated with mould and anti-bacterial products.

Step 3:
Special pads and a polishing machine will be used to abrade the surface of the stone pavers until the desired matt or semi gloss finish is achieved.  Excess slurry and honing materials will be removed with a wet vacuum cleaner before rinsing.

Step 4:
The stone pavers and grout will be rinsed with special detergent and water so that all dirt is removed and the pavers are left clean.  The area is then left to dry overnight.

Step 5:
If the outdoor stone pavers are to be sealed, which is highly recommended, a technician will return the next day to complete.

Outdoor Honing Benefits

Stone Polishing Travertine Outdoor

Professional honing of natural limestone and travertine outdoor stone pavers has many benefits and is necessary to extend the life of the stone.

  • Dirt and mould will be removed from textured grooves and grout
  • Green stains and algae from pot plants will be cleaned from the surface
  • Brown stains from bird droppings and leaves will be eliminated
  • Rust stains on the stone tiles around a pool will be removed
  • The chalkiness often found on weathered stone pavers will disappear
  • The surface of the stone pavers will look more even
  • The stone will feel smooth to touch
  • Honing to a matt finish will ensure increased slip resistance
  • The entire outdoor area will look brighter
  • The stone pavers will stay clean for longer due to the mould and anti-bacterial treatment
  • Maintenance and cleaning of the stone pavers will be easier
  • The look of a pool area, deck, driveway and courtyard will be dramatically improved

Outdoor Stone Care

After the honing process is carried out on outdoor limestone and travertine pavers it is highly recommended that they be sealed to prevent or reduce staining from leaves, organic matter, food, beverage and mould.

In addition clean your outdoor stone regularly using a professional product such as STONE DEEP CLEAN. Using the right product especially designed to protect precious stone surfaces, in conjunction with hosing and an outdoor broom, will keep your outdoor stone areas looking fresh and bright. This will dramatically improve the appeal of the entire area.

Avoid leaving mould, bird droppings, moss and leaves on the stone surface for too long as these can stain and leave brown marks which can be difficult to remove without rehoning.

Weather can adversely affect outdoor stone surfaces and cause them to become chalky and dull therefore professional honing should ideally carried out every few years.

If you are unsure about how to care for your outdoor stone surfaces, contact The Marble Man for more care advice and to discuss your stone care needs.

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