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Do my new travertine shower tiles need to be sealed before first use?

Stone shower sealing and bathroom sealing is highly recommended after installation of new stone prior to first use, and after polishing or honing of damaged stone.  It is extremely important to seal these wet areas as the daily exposure to moisture and heat can attract the build up of mould, discolouration and staining on stone tiles and grout. Incorrect cleaning products, shampoos, soaps and dyes will also damage the stone if it is not sealed. This damage can be difficult to remove once the surface of the stone has been penetrated.

Marble, limestone and travertine shower floor tiles are porous stones and particularly susceptible to damage when exposed to the hot, moist conditions in a shower or bathroom, and toiletries and cleaning products so they must be sealed either before first use after installation or after repair.

Granite is a less porous, harder stone and not as commonly used in showers as marble, limestone and travertine.  It still requires sealing however as water, oils and products can seep into the tiles and grout over time and cause staining, discolouration and long-term damage to the tiles.

Engineered stone is also a hard stone like granite and not as commonly used but is promoted as having a factory seal and does not require additional sealing. If staining does occur contact the manufacturer first.  The Marble Man can assist with stain removal and sealing if required.

Professional stone shower sealing and bathroom sealing is the most effective way to guarantee your stone shower and bathroom will retain their appeal and functionality for many years.

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Which penetrating sealer should I choose for my marble shower?

Stone shower sealing and bathroom sealing with the correct stone sealing product can provide long lasting protection to your marble, limestone or travertine shower or bathroom area.

A penetrating sealer is recommended for porous, natural stone shower walls and floor tiles and grout to protect them from staining and discolouration caused by moisture saturation, oils in soaps, shampoos, cleaning products and dyes.

A penetrating sealer bonds with minerals in the stone to form a barrier against water and other liquids.  It also fills gaps in the pores of the stone shower wall and floor tiles to make them less porous. Stone sealers can be water or solvent based depending on the finish of the stone.  Solvent based sealer is recommended for use on high gloss surfaces as it will not soak in as quickly as it will on a matt or satin finish which are quite porous and would be more suited to a water based sealer.

Natural Look Sealer
A natural look penetrating sealer will soak deep below the surface of porous stone shower wall and floor tiles and grout to protect them and will not change the look or finish of the stone.

Enhancing Sealer
Stone shower sealing and bathroom sealing with an enhancing penetrating sealer has a dual effect on natural stone tiles. It will provide long lasting protection as well as deepening the colour and highlighting the magnificent minerals and veining in marble, limestone and travertine tiles.

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How long after sealing will I be able to use my marble shower?

Prior to stone shower sealing and bathroom sealing, a technician from The Marble Man will assess the areas to determine if they first require polishing, honing, stain removal, grout removal or silicone replacement. A natural look or enhancing sealer will be used depending on the desired look and the sealer will either be water based or solvent based depending on the type of stone and finish.

Step 1
The shower or bathroom will be thoroughly cleaned using solvents, special detergents and an anti-bacterial treatment to remove soap scum build up, grime, mould and oils.

Step 2
Depending on prior assessment, stains and damage will either be removed using a poultice or by polishing or honing.  Silicone will usually be replaced after polishing, if it is damaged or if mould cannot be removed.

Step 3
Once the surfaces have been prepared, stone shower sealing and bathroom sealing will take place the following day to allow the stone to thoroughly dry.  A thick coat of penetrating sealer will be applied to the shower and bathroom walls and floor tiles and the grout. A second coat will be applied after 10 minutes, before the first coat of sealer is dry.  After a further 10 minutes the excess sealer will be removed and the surface buffed with a towel.  The shower and bathroom will need to remain dry for the next 6 hours if a water based sealer is used and 12 hours if a solvent based sealer is used.

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Why should I have my stone shower and bathroom tiles sealed?

There are many reasons why stone shower sealing and bathroom sealing are essential to ensuring the long term protection of your natural stone surfaces.  The benefits far out way the cost.

  • Shower and bathroom wall and floor tiles will be easier to clean and will stay cleaner for longer
  • Mould and bacteria often found in showers and bathrooms on tiles and grout will be less likely to develop and will be easier to remove if it does occur
  • Stone tiles will be protected from staining by water, soaps, oils, chemical cleaning products, toiletries and dyes
  • Water will be less likely to settle beneath the stone tiles and cause permanent damage
  • When maintained according to warranty instructions the seal will last up to 15 years
  • Penetrating sealer will allow the stone to breath as opposed to a surface coating
  • The stone will look and feel magnificent for longer and will require less professional maintenance

Note that sealing does not prevent etching
Stone shower and bathroom sealing will not prevent etching. Etching will occur when the natural stone surface is exposed to acidid cleaners and acidic toiletires such as anti-dandruff shampoos and natural crystal deodorants.

The Marble Man specialises in stone shower sealing and bathroom sealing.  We use only the best products, matched to the stone type and finish.

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