Caeserstone Benchtop Chip Repair BeforeCaeserstone Benchtop Chip Repair After
Does your marble or Caesarstone benchtop need stone repairs?

The Marble Man specialises in stone repairs to natural marble and engineered stone kitchen benchtops and bathroom vanities. Natural marble, granite, limestone, travertine, onyx and engineered stones such as Caesarstone, Essastone, Quantum Quartz, Silestone and HanStone are strong materials however all of these stones can still chip and crack.

Our Technicians are specially trained to use the latest UV repair technology and equipment to create strong and lasting repairs. We also use a special resin that is colour matched to the stone.

We can also adjust benchtop cut outs to accomodate new appliances, reshape corners, carry out joint repairs and stabilise and strengthen cracked stone benchtops and vanities using steel rods.

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Stone Repairs Marble Step BeforeStone Repairs Marble Step Before
Will stone repairs improve the look of your marble or travertine floor tiles?

Stone floor tiles subject to daily foot traffic, furniture movement and items being dropped on the tiles, can often chip and crack. Tile movement, age and deterioration of silicone expansion joints can also cause grout between the tiles to come loose and brittle.

The Marble Man commonly carries out stone repairs to floors tiles and steps made from marble, limestone, travertine, granite and many other stones. Our Technicians use special glues and resins to repair chips and cracks and will replace or recolour damaged grout and silicone to match your existing floor.

We have developed specialised processes over many years to create strong, lasting repairs that will extend the life of your stone, allowing you to avoid replacement for longer.

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Marble Floor Repair BeforeMarble Floor Repair After
Could stone repairs eliminate leaks in your marble shower tiles?

Natural marble, limestone, travertine and engineered stone shower tiles look stunning when they are newly installed or recently polished.

Damage can occur however, from the chemicals in toiletries, when heavy items are dropped on the tiles and when grout and silicone become loose due to age and exposure to varying temperatures and moist conditions. Silicone can also become mouldy, loose and dirty allowing water to seep under the tiles.

The Marble Man can repair chips and cracks in stone shower wall and floor tiles and bathroom surrounds, using advanced UV technology. Our skilled Technicians can replace old, mouldy silicone and recolour the grout to give your stone shower a fresh new look.

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Stone Repairs Marble Chip BeforeMarble Furniture Chip Repair After
Will professional stone repairs revive your marble or onyx coffee table?

Coffee tables, dining tables and ornaments made from natural stones such as marble, onyx, serpentine, travertine, limestone and granite are beautiful show pieces. They can however, be quite delicate and susceptible to chips, cracks and breaks. Corners are particularly vulnerable to breaking off.

The Marble Man specialises in these types of stone repairs. We can match the colour and texture of the stone using special resins, glues and colour pigments, and return the functionality and aesthetic appeal of the piece.

We can also fill the pits in travertine table tops to give the stone a smoother, more attractive finish and to make cleaning easier.

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