Natural marble, granite, limestone, travertine, onyx and engineered Caesarstone, Essastone, Quantum Quartz, Silestone and HanStone are strong materials however kitchen benchtops and bathroom vanities made from these stones can still chip, crack and sustain damage.  Kitchen benchtops can also require adjustment, stove cutouts, reshaping or joint repairs.

The Marble Man specialises in repairing stone kitchen benchtops and bathroom vanities so that the damage in most cases is virtually undetectable. Our technicians are specially trained in the use of UV repair equipment and techniques to realign and strengthen cracked benchtops.

Stone floors tiles made from marble, limestone, travertine, granite and other natural stones are subject to daily wear and tear from foot traffic, chips and cracks from furniture movement and items being dropped on the surface, grout damage from tile movement and age, and deterioration of silicone expansion expansion joints.

This damage can be reversed through the use of specialised processes for repairing the stone, grout or silicone.  The Marble Man can remove, replace and recolour damaged grout and silicone, repair chips and cracks with special glues and resins and return damaged stone floors to their original flawless state.

Showers and bathrooms made from marble, limestone, travertine and other natural stones look stunning however they can sustain damage from daily use. Heavy items dropped on shower and bathroom floors can chip and crack the stone, silicone can become mouldy and loose and grout can become dirty. Damage such as this can not only negatively impact on the look of the stone shower, it can allow water to seep under the tiles.

The Marble Man can repair chips and cracks on stone shower walls and floors and bathroom surrounds using advanced UV technology.  Our skilled technicians can replace old, mouldy silicone and recolour grout that has lost its original colour.

Furniture and ornaments made from natural stones such as marble, onyx, serpentine, alabaster, travertine, limestone and granite are often beautiful show pieces but can be quite delicate and susceptible to chips, cracks and breaks. Travertine used for table tops has naturally occurring pits and holes which may need to be filled depending on the use and to give the stone a smooth look.

This damage can change the look and functionality of the stone piece but it can be repaired. Our technicians are trained in the use of special resins, glues and colour pigments to repair stone furniture and ornaments and will take care of your precious stone items.

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