What is Tuffskin protective film?

Tuffskin is a laminate film designed to protect the surface of marble, travertine and onyx benchtops, bar tops, tables and vanities, from staining and etching.

It is an effective addition to a penetrating liquid sealer as it will provide 100% protection from permanent damage. It is available in a gloss or satin finish and when professionally applied Tuffskin will enhance the look of your natural stone surface.

Key features

Tuffskin is made from ‘hard coat’ technology and will resist staining and etching from the daily wear and tear associated with high use surfaces, in kitchens, bathrooms and hotel bars.

Kitchens: It will protect stone kitchen benchtops and tables exposed to wine, fruit juice, coffee and tea rings, oils, food and other liquids.

Bathrooms: It will protect vanities from make-up, toothpaste, mouthwash, toiletries and perfume.

Hotel Rooms, Restaurants and Bars: It will protect bar tops, cocktail tables, dining tables and side tables from wine, lemon/lime juice, coffee, tea, oils, food and alcohol.

Tuffskin not only provides protection, it can enhance the finish of the stone. It is available in a gloss or satin finish, which allows a matt, honed stone surface to be transformed to a gloss without being polished or a gloss finish changed to a satin.

It comes with a 2 year domestic and 1 year commercial warranty.  It should last 5-7 years for domestic use and around 4 years in a commercial setting, depending on the level of use and care.

It can be removed if damaged, and replaced without harming the stone.

It is easily cleaned with a recommended product such as Rejuventa and a soft cloth.

It has no VOC’s (Volatile Organic Compounds) during application or use and there is no chemical smell from the product.

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How is Tuffskin applied?

Tuffskin application is only available through an approved stone restoration specialist, as it requires specific equipment and techniques to apply.

The Marble Man technicians have been trained specifically in the handling of the product and correct application.

If your marble, travertine or onyx benchtop, bar top or vanity requires extra protection from staining and etching, this is the best product available.

Prior to application

A technician from The Marble man will inspect your stone benchtop, bartop, table or vanity to determine whether it requires, polishing, repairs or cleaning to remove dirt, grime, stains, scratches, etching, burn marks or other damage.  This will ensure the stone is looking its best after the Tuffskin film has been applied.

A Tuffskin finish will be chosen at the time of inspection.  Either a full gloss or satin look is available depending on the desired look.  A matt, honed stone surface can be transformed into a gloss without being polished or a gloss finish to a satin, more matt looking finish.


Step 1
The stone is cleaned or restored as agreed, depending on staining, etching and the condition of the stone.

Step 2
Once all dirt, grime, stains and etching have been removed and the surface is clean and grit free, the TuffSkin film is cut to size and laid using special application techniques to make it smooth.

Step 3
The benchtop, bar top, table or vanity can be used immediately, however, it is advisable to restrict use for 48 hours to allow the adhesive to cure.

Over time, the film itself may scratch, but it can be removed and reapplied by The Marble Man without damaging the stone.

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How is Tuffskin maintained?

Tuffskin protective film is designed to extend the life of your natural marble, travertine and onyx stone surfaces, and ensure they retain their usability and beauty for longer.

The protective film surface is easy to maintain, and spills that would normally stain or etch natural marble can simply be wiped off with a soft cloth. 

Caring for Your Tuffskin

Whilst Tuffskin protects natural stone from staining and etching, the surface film still needs to be maintained correctly to extend the life of the product.

Even natural stone surfaces that have been sealed or have a coating, are susceptible to scratches or abrasion from items being dragged over the surface, or knives being used without a cutting board.

To avoid scratching or abrading the Tuffskin, place pots and pans on a cutting board or other protective surface and do not drag items across the benchtop, table or vanity.

All cutting involved in food preparation on a Tuffskin surface must be carried out on a cutting board and never directly on the benchtop to avoid cutting the film.

Tuffskin may be washed with everyday dish liquid, however, The Marble Man recommends using Rejuvenata diluted with water in a spray bottle and applied by spraying, then wiping with a microfibre mitt or cloth.

Do not use abrasive cleaning solutions on Tuffskin, such as Gumption or Jif, or scrub with steel wool or scrape with any kitchen utensils or sharp items.

As with marble or any natural stone surface, do not place hot pots and pans directly onto the Tuffskin surface. Use a cutting board or other protective matt.

Tuffskin can be repaired in sections and replaced should the need arise, without damaging the stone.

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Tuffskin protective film on marble table AFTER

Does Tuffskin come with a Warranty?

Tuffskin warranties are limited in the official documentation, however it has been observed that Tuffskin has demonstrated serviceability for 5-7 years for domestic use and 4 or more years in commercial use.

Like any stone surface that requires resurfacing or repair with regular use, over time Tuffskin will also eventually require replacing. Replacement times will be determined by the client’s use and care.

The following is a brief summary of some of the Warranty features.  For a full description Download the ‘Tuffskin Warranty Information’ page.

Covered Under Warranty

Tuffskin Surface Protection LLC, warranties Tuffskin products for up to 2 years for domestic and 1 year for commercial use, from the date of installation, when installed by an authorised, certified Tuffskin installer, such as The Marble Man.

Tuffskin is warranted against yellowing, blistering, bubbling or delamination from the protected surfaces.

Tuffskin will protect from all chemical, acid and alkaline etching, for example, fruit juices, wine, vinegar etc, for as long as the Tuffskin remains on the surfaces.

Not Covered Under Warranty

Tuffskin is not warranted against intentional peeling of the product.

Tuffskin warranty does not cover abrasion, cutting, scratching or burn marks whether intentional or unintentional.

Tuffskin warranty is null and void if the product is subjected to improper care or abuse such as cutting or other acts of vandalism.

Abrasive type cleaning agents (powders, Gumption, Jif etc.) and bristle brushes, which would scratch the film, must NOT be used and will void the manufacture warranty.

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