TuffSkin Product Information

High Gloss Tuffskin on Marble

TuffSkin is a laminate film designed to protect the surface of marble, travertine and onyx benchtops, bar tops, tables and vanities, from staining and etching. It is an effective addition to a penetrating liquid sealer as it will provide 100% protection from permanent damage. It is available in a gloss or satin finish and when professionally applied TuffSkin will enhance the look of your natural stone surface.

Key features

TuffSkin is made from ‘hard coat’ technology and will resist the daily wear and tear associated with high use surfaces
TuffSkin will prevent ALL etching on stone kitchen benchtops, cocktail tables and bar tops exposed to: wine, lemon juice, coffee and tea rings, oils and food
TuffSkin is ideal for bathroom vanities and will prevent etching from:  make-up, toiletries and perfume
TuffSkin is available in a gloss or satin finish, which allows a matt, honed stone surface to be transformed to gloss without being polished or a gloss finish to a satin.
TuffSkin not only provides protection it can enhance the finish of the stone
TuffSkin comes with a 2 year domestic and 1 year commercial warranty
TuffSkin can be removed if damaged, without harming the stone
TuffSkin should last 5-7 years for domestic use if cared for well
TuffSkin is easily cleaned with The Marble Man’s REJUVENATA product and a soft cloth
TuffSkin has no VOC’s (Volatile Organic Compounds) during application or use and there is no chemical smell from the product


Do not use abrasive cleaners or scourers to clean TuffSkin as warranty does not cover scratching, cutting or abrasion;
As advised with all natural stone surfaces that have been sealed or have a coating, they are still susceptible to scratching from items being dragged over the surface, or knives being used without a cutting board;
Always use a cutting board and do not place hot pots on any natural stone surface;
The gloss film may in some cases slightly reflect iridescence in fluorescent light.

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Living With TuffSkin

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TuffSkin Warranty

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TuffSkin Application

Tuffskin application is only available through an approved stone restoration specialist, as it requires specific equipment and techniques to apply. The Marble Man technicians have been trained specifically in the handling of the product and correct application.

If your marble benchtop or vanity requires extra protection from staining and etching, this is the best product available. Over time, the film itself may scratch, but it can be easily removed and reapplied. In the long-term, this is a more affordable solution to resurfacing the etched and stained marble surface.

A technician from The Marble man will inspect your marble benchtop, bartop or vanity to determine whether it requires, polishing, repairs or cleaning to remove stains, scratches, etching or burn marks or other damage, prior to application.  This will ensure that the stone is looking its best when the TuffSkin film is applied.


Step 1
The stone is cleaned or restored depending on staining and the condition of the stone

Step 2
Once smooth, dirt and grit free, the film is cut to size and laid using special application techniques to make it smooth

Step 3
The benchtop, bar top, table or vanity can be used immediately however it is advisable to restrict use for 48 hours to allow the adhesive to cure

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