Do you know which stone cleaning products will clean AND protect your benchtops?

Specific stone cleaning products will clean, protect and enhance the look of your natural marble, granite, limestone, travertine and engineered Caesarstone, Essastone, Quantum Quartz, Silestone, Smartstone and HanStone kitchen benchtops, bathroom vanities, bar tops and tables.

With regular care you can keep your stone benchtops looking clean and attractive for longer, delaying the need for repolishing.

The Marble Man specialises in removing stains from kitchen benchtops, bathroom vanities, bartops and tables. Our trained technicians will assess your stone to determine the level of cleaning required. They will recommend specific, professional grade stone cleaning products to suit your particular stone.  Click on the button below to learn more about stone benchtop cleaning products and services.

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Are your high traffic floor tiles in need of heavy duty stone cleaning and reviving?

To keep your stone tile floors looking clean, bright and stain free for longer, you need to maintain your stone floors with specific stone cleaning products designed for your type of stone.

Floors made from natural limestone, travertine, marble, granite and other natural and engineered stone tiles, are often exposed to high foot traffic, and constant wear and tear, resulting in the accumulation of dirt and discolouration.  They look spectacular and add value to any home or commercial building, but they need constant care to retain their appeal.

To restore the original clean and bright finish to your stone floors The Marble Man uses special cleaning products and methods.  Our skilled technicians will remove the dirt and stains from your stone floors and recommend the right stone cleaning products to use to keep them looking clean and fresh.  Click on the button below to learn more about stone floor cleaning products and services.

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Do your stone cleaning methods effectively remove soap scum and mould in your showers?

The appeal of a highly polished natural marble, limestone or travertine shower is undeniable, however it is an area prone to the build up of soap scum on walls floors and glass and the accumulation of mould on silicone. Daily use and exposure to hot water and chemicals can leave the stone, grout and silicone looking dirty, stained and mouldy.

The Marble man is a specialist in cleaning, repolishing and sealing marble, limestone and travertine showers to remove soap scum, mould and discolouration from the stone walls, floors, grout and silicone. With professional grade products and tried and tested cleaning systems, our trained technicians will leave your stone shower walls and floors feeling smooth and looking sparkling and revived. Click on the button below to learn more about recommended stone cleaning products and services.

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Are your outdoor areas in need of stone cleaning to remove green stains and dirt?

Outdoor pavers around pools, in courtyards and on driveways, made from sandstone, limestone, travertine, terrazzo, flagstone and granite are quite resistant to weather however they are susceptible to staining and discolouration from outdoor pollution, soil, pool chemicals, leaves, oils and bird droppings.

Sealing will protect these stones to a degree however regular cleaning is recommended to avoid long term damage and the need for resurfacing.

The Marble is experienced at successfully removing discolouration from green moss, mould, leaves and other organic stains using special cleaning products and systems.  Our technicians will revive your outdoor stone pavers so that the appeal of your pool or entertaining area is restored.

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