Stone Polishing Marble BenchtopStone Polishing Marble Benchtop
Do your marble benchtops need stone polishing to bring them back to life?

Professional stone polishing by The Marble Man will restore the high gloss or honed finish to your marble, granite, quartzite, onyx, travertine, limestone or other natural or engineered stone kitchen benchtop, bathroom vanity or furniture.

Stone polishing will revive your stone surfaces. It will restore the original fresh, clean, reflective look and smooth feel.

The Marble Man technicians use special stone polishing processes, developed by our team over many years. We use only the best, most effective diamond abrasive technology and equipment and trusted solutions.

Stone polishing will remove dull spots, scratches, etching, ring marks, stains and burn marks on kitchen benchtops, bathroom vanites, bartops, countertops, coffee tables and dining tables made from natural marble and engineered stones such as Caesarstone.

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Stone Polishing Granite FloorStone Polishing Granite Floor
Do your dull and worn stone floors need professional stone polishing or honing?

Stone polishing or honing of marble, granite, limestone, travertine and terrazzo floors can dramatically enhance the look and feel of a room. These techniques will remove scuffs, scratches, pitting and dirt in high traffic areas.

The Marble man uses the latest diamond abrasive technology and equipment, products and systems to polish all types of stone floors.  We carry out stone restoration in both residential and commercial developments. Our many years of experience has enabled us to develop the most effective stone polishing methods for gaining the best results.

The Marble Man stone polishing techniques will leave your floors looking clean, fresh and new. Our skilled technicians will revive high traffic, scratched, dull, dirty and stained stone floors in kitchens, bathrooms, living rooms, offices and foyers.

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Stone Polishing Marble ShowerStone Polishing Marble Shower After
Do your showers need stone polishing to remove years of soap scum build up?

Polished natural stone showers and bathrooms made from marble, granite and limestone and engineered stones such as Caesarstone, look stunning when free from soap scum build up, dull patches, etching and the wear and tear of daily use.

The Marble Man specialises in shower and bathroom restoration. Our special techniques will transform these commonly used areas from dull, well used and tired looking spaces into magnificent areas you will be proud to show in your home.

Our Technicians are trained in-house to achieve the best results possible.  They will leave your marble and stone showers and bathrooms looking clean, sparkling, fresh and free from soap scum and damage.

Professional stone polishing by The Marble Man will revive your natural stone surfaces so you can appreciate their original beauty and appeal for longer.

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Stone Polishing Travertine OutdoorOutdoor Stone Honing Travertine Pavers
Do your outdoor pavers need stone honing to remove mould, dirt and damage?

Outdoor pavers made from sandstone, limestone and a variety of other natural stones, are a special feature in a home, or in a commercial courtyard. Professional stone honing can transform these spaces from looking dull and dirty into stylish, inviting and warm entertaining areas.

The Marble Man is a specialist in stone polishing and honing of outdoor stone pavers.  We can reverse the effects of damage from the sun, wind, rain, pollution, pool chlorine, rust and daily use.

Over many years we have refined our stone polishing and honing techniques. We can successfully restore sandstone, limestone and travertine tiles, stairs and pool surrounds. Restoration will leave your outdoor areas looking clean, fresh and free from dirt, mould and the signs of daily exposure.

Our many years of experience in outdoor stone restoration is valued by our customers.

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