Stone Benchtop Stain Removal

Professional Stone Benchtop Cleaning and Stain Removal


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Stone Anti-Bacterial Treatment

The Importance of a Stone Benchtop Anti-bacterial Treatment


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Stone Benchtop Cleaning Do’s

Stone Benchtop Cleaning


Use a damp, soft cloth with mild, warm, soapy water only to clean the stone surface then rinse with just water to avoid the build up of soapy residue.

Dry the surface with a soft, damp cloth such as a chamois to maintain the shine and avoid streaking.

Clean stubborn marks with methylated spirits, however always test an inconspicuous part of the benchtop first.

Use recommended stone products only to polish and protect the stone surface after it is cleaned.  We recommend REJUVENATA

Soak up spills from wine, juice, vinegar, coffee, tea, oil and other acidic and common kitchen liquids IMMEDIATELY, as these substances may soak into and etch the porous stone surface.

Wipe over bathroom vanities regularly to avoid ring marks and etching from soaps, perfumes, aftershaves, cosmetics etc.  It is advisable to keep these items in a protective vessel if sitting on the bench top.

Place very HOT or COLD items on a pot stand, cutting board or teatowel to avoid discolouration or cracking of the stone. Reconstituted and natural stones are somewhat heat resistant however damage can still occur.  Warm items are acceptable and should not cause any damage.

Ideally seek professional advice before attempting to remove a stubborn stain or etch mark, rather than causing further damage by using an unsuitable product.

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Stone Benchtop Cleaning Don’ts

Rejuvenata Active Stone Cleaner

Stone Benchtop Cleaning


Do not use abrasive cleaners, general furniture polish or acidic products such as vinegar and lemon juice to clean the stone surface as these may cause etching.

Do not use mineral turpentine on any stone benchtop as this may strip the surface.

Do not leave strong chemical substances on the benchtop such as oven cleaner, drain cleaners and bleach as they may etch the stone surface.

Do not place HOT saucepans and very COLD frozen items directly onto any stone surface as these may crack or discolour the stone. Extreme heat or cold could also damage the sealer protecting the surface.

Do not stand on your benchtop as this could cause chips and cracks to occur.  Although it is strong, when cut to accommodate sinks and stoves the strength will be compromised.

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