Marble & Stone Shower Polishing

The most common stones used in showers and bathrooms are marble, limestone, travertine, terrazzo and onyx.  Whilst these look spectacular, shower floors and walls can over time become quite dull, stained and dirty from soaps, shampoos, water and acidic cleaners. Mouldy grout and silicone, soap build up and drip marks can spoil the glossy reflection of the stone and the shower can become hard to clean. These can detract from the look of your bathroom and change the appeal of the entire room.

Professional polishing can reverse this damage caused by daily use and restore the highly reflective shine and smooth surface to stone shower floors and walls. Our technicians will thoroughly clean the entire shower prior to polishing no matter which parts of the show are being polished and the silicone replaced to complement the polishing process and enhance the final results.  Grout is cleaned during polishing so the shower is left looking fresh, sparkling and like new.

The Marble Man is a specialist in professionally polishing natural marble, limestone, travertine, terrazzo and onyx showers and bathroom surrounds.  We understand the value of the stone and fittings used in these areas and take care to cover and protect taps, drains and other accessories.  We are experienced in dealing with wet areas and particularly showers and understand the importance of correct silicone replacement. Our experienced technicians will also provide advice after the polishing process on how to best care for your stone showers and bathrooms and the correct products to use to minimize future damage.

Shower Polishing Process

Step 1:
Taps, drains and other fittings in showers are taped or covered with plastic to protect them from damage during the cleaning and polishing process.

Step 2:
Regardless of which parts of the shower are being polished, the entire shower is thoroughly cleaned using professional cleaning products so that soap scum and mould are removed from the walls, glass and floor. In addition, depending on the degree of build up the technician will use either a white non-scratch scouring pad called a SCRUB A DUB or a hand held scrubbing machine the remove the soap film and dirt.

Step 3:
Several grades of diamond abrasive polishing pads and special polishing compounds are used to wet grind the shower walls and/or floor to achieve either a high gloss, semi-gloss or honed finish.

Step 4:
After the shower has been cleaned and polished it is dried with towels and a squeegee.  Silicone is removed and the area is left to thoroughly dry overnight before fresh silicone is applied the next day. The shower must not be used overnight.

Step 5:
A technician will return the next day to replace the silicone and bacterially treat and seal the shower so that it is left looking fresh and protected.  Our technicians will provide advice on the most effective stone care products to use to keep your shower looking clean and shiny.

Shower Polishing Benefits

Professional shower polishing is the best way to revive your stone shower or bathroom area and remove soap scum, dull patches, drip marks, water marks and damage caused by soaps, shampoos, dyes and incorrect cleaners.

The investment in having your stone showers professionally polished will always be well worth the cost as there are many lasting benefits.

  • Polishing will protect and extend the life of the stone shower
  • The entire stone shower will be left thoroughly cleaned even if all surfaces are not being polished
  • Anti-bacterial treatment will leave the shower hygienic and fresh
  • Sealing will protect the shower from staining
  • Future cleaning of your stone shower will be easier
  • Shower walls and floors will look like new
  • Soap scum will be removed from floors, walls and glass to reveal a smooth, clean surface
  • Dull patches and drip marks will disappear
  • Discolouration and dirt will be removed
  • A reflective shine will be returned to high gloss stone showers
  • Semi-Gloss stone showers will regain their satiny look
  • Matt Honed shower surfaces will regain their bright appearance
  • Grout on floors and walls will look cleaner
  • Silicone will be new and mould free after replacement
  • Uneven tiles will look more consistent
  • The overall appearance of the bathroom will be improved

Stone Shower Care

Marble, granite, travertine, onyx and terrazzo stone showers look amazing when newly polished, however these surfaces are subject to extreme conditions daily and require regular maintenance. Water, heat, soaps, shampoos and harsh cleaners can stain, discolour and etch a stone shower, therefore regular, thorough cleaning with the correct stone care products is necessary to avoid long term damage and protect the stone.

Products that can damage your shower

  • Acidic shampoos and conditioners can etch;
  • Hair dyes can discolour and stain the stone;
  • Soaps and body wash can build up on stone walls and floors and create a film that is difficult to remove;
  • Supermarket shower cleaners with bleach can cause white spots;
  • Cream cleansers and green scourers can cause scratching and dull patches

The Marble Man recommends STONE DEEP CLEAN to keep shower walls and floors looking fresh and clean.  This product cuts through soap scum on stone and glass and leaves a streak free shine.  Used once per week it will ensure your stone showers remain mould and dirt free and surfaces remain glossy and attractive.

For a more thorough clean use STONE DEEP CLEAN in conjunction with a white SCRUB A DUB scourer. This non-scratch scourer is the only one recommended for use on natural and engineered stone surfaces.  It will effectively remove soap scum without damaging the stone.

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