Does your benchtop need protection from oils, foods and liquids?

Natural stones such as marble, limestone, travertine and onyx are popular choices for use in kitchen benchtops, bathroom vanities, bartops and tables. These are soft, porous stones however, and are susceptible to staining from food, liquids and toiletries if not sealed.

Professional sealing with a penetrating sealer or protection with a special film will help to prolong the look of your stone and will protect it from the discolouration caused by daily spills, make-up, dyes and other coloured liquids and foods.

The Marble Man technicians will assess your stone and advise on which sealing option is suitable. A natural penetrating sealer will not be as noticeable as a enhancing penetrating sealer, which will make the stone look darker.

Another alternative sealing option is a film called Tuffskin. This is a protective film, applied to the stone benchtop in either a gloss or matt finish, that will prevent staining and etching. For more information on Tuffskin visit this link – Tuffskin.

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Are your marble floors dirty and stained from foot traffic and spills?

As a general rule all natural stone floors will benefit from stone floor sealing. The type of sealer used often depends on the location, type of stone, finish and the desired look. If a darker tone is preferred then an enhancing penetrating sealer may be used.

Stone floor tiles made from travertine, limestone and marble in high traffic areas, in a hallway or kitchen, can stain from exposure to daily food, oils and liquid spills, water from mopping and dirt from shoes. Bathroom floors are subject to staining from hair dyes, toiletries and oily make up spills.

It is likely that damage will need to be removed firstly by polishing.  After polishing the floor can then be protected by a good quality, professional penetrating sealer.

The Marble Man can seal your natural stone floor tiles with a natural penetrating sealer that won’t change the colour of the stone, or an enhancing penetrating sealer that will darken the stone and highlight the stone’s unique characteristics. Our technicians will inspect your natural stone floors to determine the right sealer for your needs.

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Basalt Shower Sealing After
Have oily hair and body products stained your stone shower tiles?

Showers and bathrooms made from marble, travertine, limestone, onyx or other natural stones can stain from dyes, soaps and constant exposure to heat and water.  Sealing is essential to prevent discolouration and staining and preserve the look of the stone shower or bathroom for longer.

Stains can penetrate deeply into stone shower tiles, therefore it is likely that before sealing the stains will need to be removed by polishing.  A good quality penetrating sealer will then be required to protect the clean, newly exposed stone surface.  

The Marble Man technicians will assess your stone to determine the most appropriate sealing product to use.  We have tested many different brands and have chosen only those that provide exceptional protection and coverage. The Marble Man has been accredited by the distributors to apply these products to marble and other natural stone showers and technicians have been trained in the correct application, to achieve the most effective results.

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Outdoor Stone Cleaning
Are your outdoor stone pavers stained from organic matter or chemicals?

Outdoor stone pavers are commonly made from porous stones such as sandstone, limestone and travertine. They are regularly exposed to pollution, water and organic matter such as soil, leaves and bird droppings. Over time these substances soak into the stain and can be difficult to remove with just hosing.

Sealing is essential to protect outdoor stone pavers from mould and staining, however the right sealer must be chosen to protect the stone.

Outdoor stone tiles used around pools and on driveways need to be slip resistant therefore a penetrating sealer rather than a waxy coating is more suitable.

It is recommended that new stone pavers be sealed immediately after installation or existing stone be sealed after cleaning or honing.

The Marble Man technicians will assess your outdoor stone pavers, to determine the correct sealing solutions to use. They will professionally seal your outdoor stone areas so that they will be easier to maintain and will look fresh and clean for longer.

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