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Need to erase wear and tear with stone floor polishing or honing?

The Marble Man specialises in marble and stone floor polishing and honing.

Professionally polished or honed stone floors made from natural marble, granite, travertine, limestone and engineered terrazzo look spectacular in a home or commercial development. They can dramatically improve the look and feel of a room.

Polishing and honing are the most successful ways to revive scratched, worn and stained stone floors, and erase the signs of daily wear and tear. Polishing can restore the glossy, mirror finish to a floor, whilst honing can restore the brightness and smooth silky feel.

The Marble Man has trained Technicians who can assess your marble or stone floor tiles, to determine the exact polishing process required to bring them back to life.

We use the most effective diamond abrasives, equipment, technology, and polishing compounds to restore the natural appeal of your stone floors.

The Marble Man can repolish stone floors to achieve a full gloss or semi gloss finish, or honed, matt finish, depending on your decorating needs.

Scuff marks, scratches, dirt and discolouration caused by daily foot traffic, food and liquid spills and acidic cleaners or bleach will be removed to leave your marble and stone stone looking clean and fresh.

The original vibrance and smooth feel of your stone floors will be restored.  The appeal of the area will be improved.

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What is the process for stone for polishing and honing?

Step 1:
The stone floor polishing and honing process begins with covering surrounding areas with plastic, tape and towels, to ensure that furniture and fittings are not damaged by dust, slurry or equipment, during the polishing or honing process.

Our unique wet grinding system minimises dust.  Our large machines and hand held polishers are fitted with bags to collect the dust as we polish and hone.

Furniture will be removed if pre-arranged.

Step 2:
We grind the stone surface using a variety of diamond abrasive pads and stone floor polishing compounds depending on the stone, type of surface and required finish, ensuring that all areas remain uniform.

Step 3:
After initial stone floor polishing we use an advanced nano abrasive compound to return the smooth finish to the floor.

Step 4:
Wet vacuum cleaners and towels are used to take up the excess liquid used to facilitate the stone floor polishing or honing process.

Step 5:
The stone floors are thoroughly cleaned and an anti-bacterial treatment applied.  Surfaces are left looking fresh, clean, scratch and dirt free.

Step 6:
Technicians tidy the area to ensure no further clean up is required by the customer after we leave.

In most cases sealing will be recommended after cleaning and polishing to protect the stone floors from staining.

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What are the benefits of professional stone floor polishing and honing?

The Marble Man understands the value of your marble and stone floors and the investment you have made in featuring such a precious material in your home or development. That is why professional marble and stone floor polishing and honing by a company that understands your stone is worth the investment.

The benefits of having your floors polished or honed by The Marble Man:

  • Our Technicians are trained in-house to understand each type of stone and how it reacts to different processes and chemicals
  • We use advanced, diamond abrasive polishing and honing equipment and compounds and keep up to date with the latest technology
  • Marble, limestone, onyx, terrazzo, granite and travertine floors will look like and feel fresh and clean
  • Scratches, dull patches, discolouration and dirt will be removed
  • Uneven tiles will look more consistent
  • Grout between the stone floor tiles will look cleaner
  • The reflection on full gloss floors will be restored
  • Semi-Gloss floors will once again look satiny
  • Honed floors will feel smooth and look cleaner and brighter
  • The ambience and look of the area will be dramatically improved
  • Maintenance of your stone floors will be easier
  • Our Technicians will advise on the right maintenance products to use

The Marble Man will ensure, through our advanced marble and stone polishing and honing techniques, that your precious marble, limestone, travertine, granite or other stone floors are restored to their natural looking best.

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Terrazzo floor polishing BEFORETerrazzo floor polishing AFTER

Which products are recommended after stone floor polishing and honing?

Stone floors made from natural marble, granite, travertine, onyx and engineered terrazzo are subject to the constant wear and tear of daily living.  They can easily become scratched, worn and stained from shoes, pets, dirt, food, liquid, pot plants, furniture and ornaments being moved across them.

Stone floor polishing or honing will remove dirt and staining leaving your stone floors looking like new.

After polishing or honing, it is recommended that only PH balanced stone products are used to regularly clean and protect the restored stone floors. This will ensure the longevity of your marble and stone floors and will keep them looking brighter and cleaner for longer.

It is advisable to avoid some supermarket floor cleaners containing harsh chemicals, bleaches or abrasives. These products can cause scratching, white spots, dull spots and streaking on stone floors.

Specific stone floor cleaners that have a balanced PH level and and will not damage the stone, are recommended on our Stone Cleaning Products page. 

We recommend using the professional marble and stone cleaner REJUVENATA which will thoroughly clean and protect your stone floors and leave them looking fresh and streak free.

Green scourers are also not recommended for tough stains as these will scratch the stone.  Use only white scourers which do not scratch marble and stone. The product recommended by The Marble Man is the SCRUB A DUB.  This product can be ordered via our Product Order Form.

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