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Do my outdoor sandstone pool tiles need to be sealed?

Outdoor stone sealing is essential on natural stone pavers and tiles around pools, on driveways, in courtyards and entertaining areas. Daily exposure to pollution, moisture, rain, pool water, dirt, leaves, animal deposits, other organic matter and food and beverage spills can cause staining on stone if not sealed.

Sandstone, slate, limestone and travertine are some of the most common soft, porous stones used in outdoor areas that require sealing.

Granite, bluestone and basalt are hard stones and not as porous as sandstone, slate, limestone and travertine, however these still require sealing as they are also susceptible to damage from the harsh outdoor conditions.

Engineered stone is not recommended for use outdoors as it fades, becomes dull and develops a chalky surface.

A penetrating sealer is recommended and will absorb deep into the stone.  Whilst an outdoor stone sealing surface coating such as wax can also protect the stone it can flake, peel and yellow and scratch over time.  It can change the look of the stone and is also difficult to remove once applied.

The Marble Man specialises in outdoor stone sealing.  We understand the effect daily wear and tear and the elements can have on outdoor stone surfaces and use only high quality products to ensure effective long term protection.  Different stones require different preparation, products and specialised application therefore professional sealing is always recommended over DIY.

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Flamed Granite Enhancing Seal BeforeFlamed Granite Enhancing Seal Before

Which stone sealer is best suited to my outdoor travertine tiles?

Outdoor stone sealing with a penetrating sealer is the most effective way to ensure that your stone remains resistant to staining. A good quality penetrating sealer forms a barrier against organic matter, pollution, dirt, water, foot traffic and food and beverage spills. It bonds with the minerals in the stone and fills the gaps in the pores making the stone less porous.

Natural Look Sealer
Outdoor stone sealing with a natural penetrating sealer will soak deep below the stone’s surface to provide effective protection.  It will not change the colour or finish of the stone. A water based, natural look sealer as opposed to an enhancing sealer is particularly suited to a sandstone paver as it is a very porous stone.

Enhancing Sealer
Outdoor stone sealing with an enhancing sealer will slightly darken the colour of the stone and give it a more rich appearance.  It will provide long term protection as well as bringing out the unique characteristics of the stone such as veining in marble, flecks in granite or fossilisation in limestone.  Enhancing sealer is most suited to granite, bluestone, basalt, marble, limestone and slate.

All penetrating outdoor stone sealers must only be applied in dry conditions.

When it comes to choosing a sealer for your outdoor stone sealing needs, The Marble Man will advise on the most suitable sealing products to protect your stone.

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Outdoor Stone Sealing Basalt AfterOutdoor Stone Sealing Basalt After

What steps are involved in sealing my outdoor stone pavers?

Prior to outdoor stone sealing, a technician from The Marble Man will usually inspect the area to determine the level of staining or damage and if stain removal, polishing or honing is required.  Due to our experience in outdoor stone sealing, in some cases we are able to determine sealing requirements from photos via email or over the phone.

Step 1
If stain removal, repairs, polishing or honing are required this will also be carried out the day before outdoor stone sealing of marble, granite, bluestone, basalt, slate, limestone or travertine outdoor tiles to allow the stone to dry

Step 2
A high pressure cleaner, scrubber, special detergents, solvents and a wet vacuum will be used to clean, anti bacterial treat and dry the area, also the day as the stone must be completely dry before sealing

Step 3
Two coats of penetrating sealer will be applied and 10 minutes drying time allowed between coats. Once the outdoor stone surfaces have been sealed they must remain dry and unused for at least 6 hours with a water based sealer and 12 hours with a solvent based sealer

Sealer can be difficult to apply, especially in large outdoor areas, therefore professional application is recommended.  It must be carried out with the right equipment, at the right time and with the appropriate consistency.

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What are the benefits of sealing my sandstone courtyard tiles?

Outdoor stone sealing of marble, granite, bluestone, basalt, limestone, travertine and slate with the sealing products that are suited to your stone type, location and use, is essential for preserving the look and feel of your stone.  Professional sealing is highly recommended on all outdoor natural stone pavers and tiles and has many benefits:

  • Pavers and tiles will be protected from staining caused by organic matter such as leaves, bird droppings, coloured tree berries and dirt
  • Grout between pavers and tiles will look clean and will also be protected
  • Water stains from rain pooling and pool water will be less likely to develop
  • Spills from food and coloured drinks will be easier to clean off the surface
  • Pavers and tiles located in damp, non-sunny areas that may develop algae and mould will be easier to clean
  • Sealing will keep your outdoor stone pavers and tiles looking fresh and clean for longer
  • Outdoor stone pavers will last longer if sealed and will not require less professional maintenance
  • Professionally applied sealers come with a 15 year warranty when the stone is maintained according to directions

The Marble Man will assess the stone type, location and use of the area to determine the most suitable penetrating sealer for your needs. Professional outdoor stone sealing will guarantee even and correct application and ensure your natural stone is adequately protected.

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