Scratched Marble or Granite Benchtops

Marble, granite, limestone, caesar stone or any other type of stone can scratch. These will appear as white lines in the surface of the glossy reflection. These can be quite unsightly and are often caused by accident. These can be easy to remove and some are difficult to remove but most can be at least improved. Contact us today with a photo of your scratched marble or granite benchtop and we can help to give you an idea on how much improvement and an approximate price on the scratch repair.

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Why Marble or Granite Benchtops Scratch?

Where it is marble, granite, caesar stone or any other type of stone it can scratch. The severity of the scratch depends on the hardness of the stone. The softer the stone the more it will scratch. This is why natural granite or Ceasar Stone is the most common type of stone used for kitchen benchtops as it very hard and resistant to most scratching. Some sever scratches can bruise under the surface creating a permanent white mark in the stone too deep to totally remove without creating a dip in the stone.

How we Remove Scratches from Marble or Granite Benchtops?

Depending on the type of stone you have will depend on the method of repair. Softer stones like marble, limestone, travertine and onyx can be removed easily with use of diamond abrasives and cutting compounds. Materials like granite and caesar and other recon granite stones are very difficult to remove due to the hardness of the stone but is still removed using diamond abrasives and polishing compounds.

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