Do Your Marble or Natural Stone Surfaces
need Polishing? YES

Polishing Marble or Stone Floors, Walls or Benchtops

Perfectly polished marble or natural stone benchtops and floor tiles can dramatically enhance the look of a kitchen or bathroom. The wear and tear of daily living though can diminish the appeal of your marble or stone floor or benchtop polish. Scratches, dull spots and stains can leave your marble or stone benchtops and tile floors looking old and worn. With a little expert help from The Marble Man, your precious stone can be polished to perfection and the fresh, new look and feel to your benchtops or tile floors. The ambience of your favourite room will be returned and you will once again add value to your home or property. No matter weather you have marble, limestone, travertine, onyx or terrazzo surfaces the Marble Man can restore the polish to these materials natural polished perfection.
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Polishing your Marble or Natural Stone Floor Tiles?

Polished marble & natural stone floor tiles can become worn and stained over time and start to look old, dull and dirty. When these floors become like this they require polishing to smooth the surface again and restore the high reflection they once had. Let The Marble Man use our special polishing process to return a natural high gloss polish to your tiles today.

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Polishing your Marble or Natural Stone Benchtop or Vanity?

Polished marble or natural stone benchtops, countertops, bar tops and vanities can become dull, scratched and heavily stained over time from cosmetics, incorrect cleaners and alcohol. These often look like white, dull marks or stains that you cannot remove with cleaning. The good news is that these can be restored to their original polished finish. Contact The Marble Man now to discuss your benchtop finish.

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Polishing your Marble or Natural Stone Showers?

Polished marble or natural stone shower walls and floor can become dull and stained mainly from the use of incorrect cleaners and as a result become mouldy and dirty, as they become more stained they become harder to keep clean due to the dullness. You can often see drip marks running down the walls or white areas on the floor, which cannot be cleaned off and require polishing.

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Polishing your Marble or Natural Stone Wall Tiles?

Polished marble wall tiles can be left after installation quite patchy and dull from excess grout being left on the surface. Often especially if left on for too long they can be stained and require polishing to return their natural reflection as it can not be cleaned off.

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