“The Marble Man rescued my marble floor
and restored its beautiful, natural, glossy finish…”

“The Marble Man returned the glossy, beautiful, clean reflection I was hoping for. These guys knew what they were doing, arrived on time and even cleaned up after themselves. I am so happy with my marble floor now that I’m going ahead restoring my marble bathrooms. Please read my experience as I used a cleaning contractor first and then The Marble Man to fix their mess”

– Rita Fletcher

Please read Rita’s experience below…

We recently polished a marble floor that had been polished by a cleaning contractor. The contractor was unskilled in stone restoration and inappropriate pads under a machine and abraded the high points in the lippy floor and did not touched the low points. This left the floor patchy and dull and in worse condition than before they started.

After 4 attempts to correct the damage, 4 weeks later, the owners finally gave up on the contractor and called The Marble Man. They had to endure arguments with the cleaner over payment of the rectification and the original bill, which they insisted on being paid for. The owners ended up paying more for the rectification of the poor work, than they originally would have paid us to completed job properly.

We are finding more and more jobs like this one every day. Please don’t let this happen to you. Your stone is precious. The Marble Man 8 Point Satisfaction Guarantee to make the right choice for your restoration the first time. When you choose The Marble Man you are choosing a contractor that has a solid reputation and over 20 years experience. Phone The Marble Man to discuss your future stone restoration needs.
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