Stain Removal

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The right way to remove stains from your stone surfaces Many natural stones are porous and can stain, however with the right products, methods and patience they can often be …


History of Stone

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History Over many millions of years a variety of processes within the earth’s core caused massive rock beds to develop and rise to form the earth’s crust. Three main types …


Quarrying Stone

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Quarrying / Mining Stone (Marble, Granite, Limestone) Natural stone has been quarried for centuries in many countries around the world. By the late 1800’s in Australia, sandstone was commonly quarried …


Stone Care

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Preventative Stone Care Know your stone surface and its needs and tailor a maintenance schedule to suit. Know its limitations and usual longevity, precautions to avoid wear and damage, whether …

Regular Care

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Ca regularly for your stone surfacesring Natural stone surfaces that are regularly and correctly maintained will retain their magnificent look and feel for longer. Benchtops Clean the stone surface with …

Benchtop Cleaners

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Renue is a polishing and restoring cream that restores the natural shine to dull, etched or lightly scratched, polished calcium based natural stone surfaces. Tip: Apply a hard rubbing technique …

Floor Cleaners

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SP Cleaner S-P Cleaner is an excellent neutral PH, everyday cleaner for your stone benchtops and floors. It will clean dirt and grime off the stone and leave surfaces fresh …

Bathroom Cleaning

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Scrub-a-dub Scourer The Scrub-a-dub scourer is a non-abrasive pad that can be used on any stone surface to achieve a deep clean, to lift dirt on rough surfaces and in …