Does Your Granite or Marble Benchtop have stains, dull spots or scratches and need polishing? … YES

Whether you have granite or marble kitchen benchtop, counter top, vanity or table it can become quite scratched, dull, stained or dirty from acidic substances over time and need restoring, polishing and sealing. These stains look dirty and look like, dull ring or drip marks and can spoil the natural reflection of a natural marble benchtop, counter top or vanity. The benefit of having a natural stone benchtop or vanity is that it can be completely restored back to its original pristine polished, honed or semi gloss finish by grinding and polishing the marble surface.

How do we Polish or Hone Your marble benchtop, countertop, vanity or table?

As seen in the above video The Marble Man uses the latest technology in diamond abrasives and polishing compounds to return a natural glossy or honed smooth finish to your marble, limestone, travertine, onyx and terrazzo kitchen benchtops, bar tops and vanities. We first grind the surface of the marble or stone benchtop to remove all stains and scratches. We then use several grades of abrasives to achieve a smooth, uniform finish before using our special diamond abrasive polishing compound to return a brand new polished, smooth, natural reflection to the surface.

Should I polish or hone?

Marble, Limestone, Travertine and onyx benchtops can be finished at 3 main gloss levels. There are others that it can be finished too like acid washed and antiked but are not common and are hard to replicate.

These are the 3 main finishes we see most:

  • Full Polish
  • Semi-Gloss Finish
  • Honed Finish

Each have there advantages and it really comes down to personal opinion.

Benefits after polishing or honing

  • Removes unsightly dull stains, scratches and etch marks
  • Restores the original natural polished finish to the marble or stone surface
  • Brightens the room as the natural stone looks like new again
  • Benchtop becomes easier to clean due it’s smooth surface

We can polish all natural calcium based stones including:

  • Travertine
  • Marble
  • Limestone
  • Onyx
  • Terazzo
  • Quartzite
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Does your natural granite benchtop need polishing? … YES

Granite benchtops or tables rarely need polishing but the most common issues we see are where the wrong cleaning process has been used to maintain the benchtop. With the most common damage being the use of harsh scourers to remove dull spots or hard materials from the surface. These cause dull spots on the polished finish and are generally in the most prominent areas.

How do we polish your granite benchtop, bar top and vanity?

These can be difficult to totally polish as granite is so hard. The hardness of the stone is great when thinking about the longevity of your benchtop, bar top or table but makes it hard to polish when damaged. We use special abrasives and polishing powders to return this gloss so that replacement is not required in most cases. You can see the result of polishing granite benchtop in the photo above.

We can polish all natural granites including:

  • Granite
  • Quartzite
  • Basalt
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Does your reconstituted granite benchtop need polishing? … YES

Ceasarstone, Essa Stone, Smart Stone, Quantum Quartz, Sile Stone and other reconstituted stone benchtops although very hard and stain resistant can be damaged when used incorrectly. This can be by such things as oven cleaner, hot pots and scourers which can all damaged the surface and then require grinding and polishing due to reflective issues.

How do we polish your reconstituted granite benchtop, bar top or vanity?

Each of the stones such as Ceasarstone require a slightly different process to polish them and even between the different colours require different processes. We therefore have a range of different polishes to create an exact uniform finish to the stone and also have a polishing process called Fusion, which we can complete to the reconstituted granite benchtops to improve even the factory gloss. This gives us many options to be able to produce the best finish and match possible to most reflective issues.

We can polish all reconstituted granite benchtops including:

  • Caeserstone
  • Essa Stone
  • Quantum Quartz
  • Silestone
  • Smart Stone
  • Other imported stone benchtops
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