Stone Care

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Preventative Stone Care
Know your stone surface and its needs and tailor a maintenance schedule to suit. Know its limitations and usual longevity, precautions to avoid wear and damage, whether it is soft, hard, porous or easily scratched and what chemicals will affect it. Find out how your stone should be treated on a daily and long-term basis and when you will need professional resealing, repolishing or deep cleaning.

Have your stone surface professionally sealed once it has been installed. Sealing with a penetrating sealer which soaks into the stone will help prevent staining, will reduce a build up of moisture and will allow easier cleaning. Topical sealers that rest on top of the stone can encourage moisture to accumulate under the surface and can change the look of the stone and are therefore not recommended.

Avoid placing acidic or chemical products on surfaces as these can etch or stain (especially marble and limestone). Wine, juice, vinegar, milk, tea and coffee can etch some stone surfaces so the use of coasters is recommended. Soil and water trapped under pot plants can cause mildew and staining. High alkaline products such as soap, shampoo, perfume and aftershave can stain or etch. All spills must be cleaned up immediately.
Avoid wearing shoes on polished surfaces as even the smallest amount of grit on the bottom of a shoe will scratch a stone surface. Removal of shoes will prolong the life of a polished floor. If this is not possible then a good quality doormat is recommended to remove as much excess dirt and grit as possible. It takes up to 4 steps on each foot to remove grit from the bottom of shoes.

Place soft pads under furniture such as felt, as any slight movement of furniture, especially chairs, will cause scratching. Clean felt pads will help avoid this. Always lift furniture when moving it and DO NOT drag. Chairs are the biggest cause of damage to stone floors when they do not have pads on the bottom of the legs.
Use a clean cotton cloth or mop to clean or polish stone as these are gentle on stone and will not scratch it. The Microfibre Mop is ideal. If scouring is necessary, use only professionally recommended scouring products such as the Scrub-a-dub, and follow the directions given by your stone care professional. Using other scourers will scratch the stone and remove the glossy surface. Change the water regularly when using rinsing cloths.

Clean with only recommended products
Clean with only recommended products such as S-P Cleaner, Stone Deep Clean, Brilliance or Renue as these are neutral PH cleaners, and always read the product label to ensure correct application and suitability. Wax based sprays such as Mr Sheen will leave a build up on the surface and are not recommended. All-purpose common cleaning products that contain acid, bleach, vinegar, lemon or degreasers may etch the surface or damage the delicate minerals in the stone, eventually causing the surface to look dull. Common abrasive cleaners can scratch the surface.

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