Stained Stone Benchtops

All marble, granite, caesar stone and other stone benchtops can become stained or dirty. Most can appear as a dirty smeary appearance or stain darker areas in the stone surface. If a dull area is appearing this is generally a polishing issue and may need to be ground and polished. Here we will look at why the stone stains and how this can be rectified.

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Why Stone Stains?

This is due to the fact that all stones have micro-pores in the surface. These are often smaller than the human eye can see but sometimes you can see them slightly in the reflection of the stone and appear as duller areas. This can occur to Caesar Stone and other recon stone and also natural stones such as Marble and Granite.

Ceaesar Stone and other Reconstituded Stones

Most reconstituted stones like Caesar Stone are duller in the resin filler between the stone pieces and this is what can become stained or discoloured. This often causes imperfect reflections in the surface which makes it look unsightly. This is often caused from a buildup in unground oils and dirt in the micro pours of the stone and will require a nano treatment to remove. We complete many of these types of treatments to caesar stone and other recon stone benchtops with great success.

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Marble, Granite, Limestone, Travertine, Onyx Stain Removal

Applying a poultice to a marble or granite stain is a method of attempting to remove deep stains from natural stones. This method involves applying a poultice paste to the stain stone and covering it with plastic wrap to seal the moisture in the paste. The paste allows the mixture of product in the mix to absorb into the stained stone benchtop area bench, and when it dries back into the mix, it attempts to draw the substance of the stain with it. It should be noted that this method is only sometimes successful on stains, depending upon the type and age of the stained benchtop, as well as the type of stone surface and texture of it.

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