Granite Benchtop Joint Repairs

Granite, caesar stone or other stone benchtop joints can crack and need replacing. This is not a repair you should leave for a long period of time without repairing as it can leak water through the benchtop surface to the timber below and damage and swell the timber causing further and more expensive repair. The fact that the joint cracked is far better than the stone cracking and repair urgently. We use special stone fixing glues and epoxies to fill the joint but before investigating further as to why it has cracked so that it does not move again.

4 Resons Why Joints Crack?

  1. The benchtop under the benchtop is moving. This is the most common cause of granite benchtop joints cracking. This could be due to the house moving or the benchtop substrate moving. Most common is house movement.
  2. The benchtop substrate is moving due to poor installation. Timber moves and stone does not and is why a good cabin ate maker and quality materials is vital to a long term installation of your stone benchtop. If the substrate moves then the joint will break.
  3. Some has stood on the benchtop. This is common especially after new lights or painting of blinds are installed.
  4. Pour installation of the stone. This generally occurs where there is a large over hang with little support or not enough glue to the benchtop onto the timber substrate.

How we repair benchtop joints?

These can be fixed the wrong too easily. The issue is the joint but just by replacing the resin in it does not fix the initial problem of the movement. Our team of experienced technicians will investigate why it has cracked and strengthen the joint area so that it does not crack again. A Marble Man repair is always a strong repair which is why we don;t get call backs on any of our repairs. Sometimes the joint is even clamped level and left overnight to achieve the smoothest result. We return the next day to remove clamp and then re-glue the joint.

All glue used to fill the granite benchtop joint is colour matched epoxy glue and smoothed off to the surface of the stone benchtop.

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