Repairing Cracked Benchtops and Countertops

Occasionally marble and granite benchtops crack. This can be caused by a few different reasons. These can be repaired by strengthening, levelling, filling and polishing. If left unprepared these can be become stained and make a repair later in time harder to achieve a great result.

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Why Marble and Granite Benchtops Crack?

In all cases benchtops crack for a reason, either by pressure from movement in the house, someone stepping on the stone benchtop, or by the bench underneath moving. The stone top will flex the least of all the materials that make-up your kitchen, which is why it cracks. Most cracks appear at the front edge of the sink or hotplate as this is the thinest weakest area and the most common area that they are stood on when.

You must repair cracked benchtops as soon as possible to avoid further cracking and damage to the timber underneath. Call us now for advise on how we can assist in repairing your stone benchtop.

How we Repair Cracked Granite Benchtops?

To repair the cracked benchtops properly we glue steal bars under the benchtop where ever possible around the effected areas. This gives the benchtop extra support so that the benchtop doesn’t crack again or further than it already has. The crack is filled using a coloured epoxy resins. After drying the epoxy is ground back to the level of the stone surface and smoothed off level with the surface. This gives the best result possible without replacing the benchtop and far more economical too.


  • Benchtop becomes stronger than it was originally.
  • Stops dirt entering the crack.
  • Stops water from leaking down under the benchtop and swelling the timber.
  • Epoxy is filled to a similar colour to the stone.

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