Chip Repairs for Marble or Granite Benchtops or Vanities

Here at The Marble Man we use the latest technology UV glues, epoxies and multiple types of resins to repair chips in granite, marble, Caesarstone, Silestone and other natural or man mane stone benchtops. So no matter what type of benchtop chip repair, large or small we have a product that will work for you. All our repairs are personally and professionally coloured to match the particular granite, marble, Caesarstone or other benchtop and in some cases the use of multiple colours and or the addition of crystals added to complete the best chip repair possible.
We complete over 30 benchtop chip repairs per week so we are the best at getting the best possible result. Perfection is what we strive for and if we are not happy we will continue until we are. Ring now to book you benchtop chip repair.


  • Stop getting holes in your cloths caused from the chips.
  • Stops dirt entering the benchtop chip and look unsightly.
  • Chip will look like part of the stone become invisible to most.
  • You will not feel the rough chipped edge each time you clean.

Granite Benchtop Chip Repair (Caesarstone, Quantum Quartz, Essastone, Silestone, Smartstone, etc)

These types of stone benchtop chip repairs require the more specialised UV glues. UV glues are similar to what dentists use to fill fillings and allows us the produce the best results possible. If required we can also add crystals to the chip repair to achieve an even better match. We are the market leaders by far with regards to these types of benchtops chip repairs and is why we complete warrantee repairs for most of the leading brands of engineered stone benchtops.

Natural Marble & Granite Kitchen Benchtop Chips

Marble, granite, limestone, travertine and onyx benchtop chip repairs are repaired using special stone epoxy resins which can be tinted to match that of the stone. Once applied to the surface of the chip we then smooth the glue off to that of the stone by grinding or scrapping and then polish to the reflection of the stone benchtop surface

These are repaired to an almost invisible finish in most stones and are far superior to most stone manufactures repairs.

We have a team of experienced technicians who service:


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