Hot plate & Sink Cut-out Adjustments in Marble or Granite Benchtops

Often over the years sinks and hotplates in granite kitchens benchtops get cracked and damaged and the replacement appliance is not the same size. Hopefully you can find one the same or larger in size and when it is larger you need to have the stone cut to fit them in. This may seem easy but to do it correctly is the most important thing. Especially when if you don’t want to cut too big a hole or skip off your cut line and damage the benchtop which more than likely means it will need replacing. Don;t let this happen to you. Call The Marble Man today and book in your granite benchtop adjustment today. Why wait?

Other areas are a change in fridge size or too sharp a corner on the benchtop. These we can cut and re-detail the edge to match the existing finish.

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Drill Holes in Benchtops

At The Marble Man we carry many different size core drill bits to enable us to drill a hole to your specific need.  These can often be required for electrical plugs, coffee machines, taps and water filters.   Call the Marble Man when you need your next hole drilled into your benchtop.  Contact Us Now

Reduced Dust with Benchtop Adjustments?

We use special diamond tipped blades on a stone grinders and cut or adjust the benchtop to the new size. The key is too reduce the dust by using special dust extraction vacuum cleaners to reduce dust by 90%. Making the whole experience much better with little clean up.  Don’t let an inexperienced person do you adjustment. It could cost you a whole new benchtop and a lot of cleaning.

We have a team of experienced technicians who service:


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