Repairs to Chips, Scratches, Cracks & Stains on Your Marble or Granite Benchtops?

Technology has come a long way with marble and granite benchtop repairs. At The Marble Man we are continually advancing the quality of the repairs as new glues, processes and products get released. Currently we use the latest UV glues / epoxies and resins to produce some amasing chip and crack repair results. These are especially valuable for repairing chips to Caesarstone, Essastone and any other man made and natural stone benchtops.

The difference between a Marble Man chip or crack repair and standard epoxy chip repairs do not compare. Check out our comparison chip repair to see for yourself. Cracked marble, limestone, travertine, caesar stone or granite benchtops are a very common repair we complete many times a day.

Chipped Benchtops Edge

Chips in benchtop edges often occur as they are the most venerable place on the granite benchtop. These can cost a lot of money if not repaired as they can create holes in shirts and dresses due to the sharp edges. The Marble Man completes many chipped benchtop repairs every day and as a result the quality of the repairs is often that they disappear. So weather it is Marble, Limestone, Travertine, Granite, Caesarstone, Essastone, Smartstone, Corian or any other type of stone we can repair the chip and make it almost disappear.

Cracked Benchtops

Cracks often occur in the edges of benchtops in front of the sink and hotplate in natural stones like granite but these day with caesar stone and or man made stone more ofter from corners or joints. To repair these use a strengthening process to the cracked stone benchtop area by adding support under the cracked stone benchtop and then filling the crack in the stones surface. Check out a Marble Man cracked stone benchtop repair for yourself.

Repair Scratched Benchtops

Scratches often occur to stone benchtops often by accident.  They can occur to Marble, Granite Limestone, Travertine, Caesarstone or any other stone benchtop.  The Marble Man had developed specialised scratch repair process for both natural and reconstituted stone. Read More

Stained Benchtops

Natural and reconstituted stone benchtops can become marked and stained and often require professional stone care to remove them.  Depending on the stone type and stain type we have several different techniques to remove stains. We use these different techniques to attempt to remove the stain and return the stone back to its original clean finish.  Read More

Benchtop Joints Repairs

Often joints in benchtop move over the years and crack which is normal.  The Marble Man repair many of these mainly caused by a few different reasons.  We use colour matched epoxy resins t replace the cracks loose glue and finish to a smooth finish. Read More

Sink and Hotplate and Tap Hole Adjustments

As granite and stone benchtops last so long they often out live the sinks and hotplates.  When these need replacing the granite benchtop often needs cutting to adjust to fit the new sink.  The Marble completes many of these on a weekly basis and can complete your too. Read More

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