The Marble Man Fleet

Repairs to Tile Floor

Chips, Cracks, Scratches & Grout

Pitted or Chipped Stone Floors

Marble floor tiles often become chipped or pitted and require repair.  Often this is completed in conjunction with polishing or restoration.  Pitting can occur from soft materials in the stone over time becoming loose and popping out of the stone.  Chipped tiles most often occur from objects being dropped onto the floor tiles.  These can be repaired with a coloured epoxy resin and finished smooth.  Repair your chipped floor tiles today.


  • Benchtop becomes stronger than it was originally.
  • Stops dirt entering the chip.
  • Epoxy is filled to a similar colour to the stone.
  • Stone will not grab shirts and be rough to touch.

Scratch Repairs to Floor Tiles

To repair the scratches on smooth polished tiles we will use resin boned diamond pads and special polishing powders. Common tile types include marble, granite, limestone, travertine and porcelain can all be polished to remove scratches from the tile surface.  Before completing any scratch removal careful though must be given to the depth of the grinding to avoid leaving dips in the tiles reflection.  Repair your scratched tiles now.


  • Saves replacing tiles
  • Simple method of repair
  • Less chance of damage to neighbouring tiles

Repairing Cracks in Floor Tiles

To repair cracks we will use a special coloured epoxy resins. This is applied to the crack prior to polishing the area. After the epoxy is cured it is ground back to the level of the floor tile and then polished back to a glossy surface. In most cases the crack will always be noticeable however it will be smooth to feel. Repair your cracked floor tile now. 


  • Stops the cracks from accumulating dirt.
  • Returns the surface back to a smooth tile.
  • Epoxy is filled to a similar colour to the stone.

Remove Stains from Floor Tiles

Floor tiles can become quite badly stained during their life.  These mainly occur to natural stone tiles that have been incorrectly installed or sealed.  We can use several different techniques to remove the stains and return the natural look of the tiles back. When removing stains it is important to know how they have been created and therefore this helps to use the correct stain removal technique. Remove stains from your stained tiles today


  • Saves replacing tiles
  • Low risk procedure
  • Better chance than finding replacement tiles