Marble or Stone Bathroom Honing & Polishing 

Honing and polishing  your marble and stone bathroom surfaces to restore their natural beauty can add value and enjoyment to your home.  Bathrooms and ensuites are the second most important investment in the value of any home or project. When you have a natural stone bathrooms surfaces your investment is timeless and can be restored to it’s natural beauty at any time. We can restore the polished or honed finish to your shower, floor tiles, vanity benchtop, walls and spa surrounds.

The advantage of having a natural stone bathroom is that it will always be a fashionable material and always look up to date even decades later.

Polishing Marble Showers

Marble, limestone and travertine showers are the most common to need polishing. Over time these stones lose their shine and become worn and dull.  Most commonly marble showers have cleaners sprayed on to them that damage the smooth polished finish. This therefore creates a textured finish which becomes hard to clean. As a result more often then harsher cleaners are used which damages the stone even worse.

The only real solution is to have the shower walls and floor honed back and finished to a honed or polished finish.  After going or Polishing the stone must then be resealed with a penetrating sealer to aid in cleaning.  This will therefore make the tile surface smooth and easier to clean and look like new again.

Benefits of Polishing Marble Shower:

  • Removes all scratches, etching and dull areas.
  • Returns a natural high gloss to the surface again.
  • The area will be easier to keep clean.
  • We give you a natural glossy finish without the use of waxes or surface sealers.

Polish Marble Vanity

Polishing a marble vanity can be achieved by resurfacing to remove dull etch marks, stains and scratches.  Over time acidic substances like cleaners and body products can remove the gloss and make the vanities look unsightly.  The Marble Man can remove all of this damage and restore the natural polished finish to the marble vanity.

Benefits to polishing marble vanity:

  • Return a new polished finish to the surface
  • Add value to your bathroom with a new look vanity
  • Enjoy looking at your new vanity again
  • Remove all dull and etched damage to the surface.
  • We give you a natural glossy reflection without the use of waxes.

Polishing Bathroom and Ensuite Marble Floors

Polishing the bathroom floor tiles to remove  dull etch marks, stains and scratching usually occurs around 5-10 years after new.  This is due to the daily wear and use of the bathrooms and damage caused by incorrect cleaners used on the marble floors.  The Marble can grind and polish your bathroom floor to it’s original polished or honed finish at any stage.  We do this with the use of diamond abrasive pads and polishing compounds to return the stones original finish.


Benefits of Polishing or Honing Your Marble Bathroom:

  • Clean marble tiles and grout joints to improve appearance
  • Return a smooth uniform finish so your bathroom looks like new again
  • Add value to your bathroom
  • Make your bathroom look and feel new again
  • Increase the value of your home
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