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Rejuvenata is an excellent neutral PH, everyday cleaner for your stone benchtops and floors. It will clean dirt and grime off the stone and leave surfaces fresh and sparkling. It will also reduce streaking which is a common concern on natural stone surfaces.
Rejuvenata contains a small amount of the penetrating sealer used by The Marble Man. This ensures that every time the cleaner is applied, the penetrating sealer in the stone is ‘topped up’, providing added protection. Rejuvenata may be used on a daily basis and should be used a minimum of once per week.

Instructions for Use:
Step 1: Mix 1 part Rejuvenata to 40 parts water in a spray bottle. (1 cap per 100 mls of water)
Step 2: Spray the mixed Rejuvenata onto the benchtop (Approximately 1 spray per ½ m2). Too much product will cause streaking.
Step 3: Using a paper towel to wipe the surface dry. DO NOT use scourers or wet sponges.

Step 1: Mix 100 mls of Rejuvenata in half a bucket of warm water.
Step 2: Using a damp Microfibre Mop to clean the floor with the solution from the bucket. A damp rather than wet mop will leave fewer streaks.

No need to rinse this product off with water as it acts as a rinsing product. Imperfections and streaks are more noticeable on high gloss surfaces therefore benchtops and floors must be dried with a clean towel to achieve a mirror finish. Ideally have the area cleaned first by a professional before using Rejuvenata for the first time, to prepare the surface for effective regular cleaning.

Nano Scrub Cleanser

Nano Scrub is a specially designed abrasive stone cleaner designed to work where other cleaners won’t. It uses Nano technology (extremely small sized particles) to penetrate below tough stains, dissolving and lifting them out. This product is great for ‘Caesar Stone’ and other reconstituted stone benchtops.

Tip: Test a small area first according to the instructions below to determine the desired result. For best results complete only a 20cm x 20cm section at a time.

Instructions for Use:
Step 1: Shake well before use as nano-particles can settle in the bottom. Once mixed, product should be a white cream. If product is a yellowy-white substance continue shaking.
Step 2: Apply a small quantity (tablespoon) onto the surface of the stone then using a wet white nylon pad and scrub–a-dub handle rub into surface until desired uniform result is achieved.
Step 3: Buff the surface to remove excess cleaner with a clean dry towel.
Step 4: Rinse with water and buff dry with clean towelling.
Step 5: Re-apply as needed or desired. Not generally used as a daily cleaner but is great on a monthly basis.