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Scrub-a-dub Scourer
The Scrub-a-dub scourer is a non-abrasive pad that can be used on any stone surface to achieve a deep clean, to lift dirt on rough surfaces and in between tiles without harsh scratching. It is especially effective for removing soap scum from shower areas.
It has an easy grip handle and a textured base for effective attachment to the pad. Pads can be replaced when worn or when a different cleaner and pad is required. Cut down on cost by using the one handle with a separate pad for each cleaner. This will also prevent mixing of cleaning products.
White scourers are highly recommended over other conventional household scourers. Green scourers will scratch your stone surface and will even scratch glass and mirrors.

Stone Deep Clean
Stone Deep Clean is a deep cleaning product. It is highly effective for breaking down soap scum build up on baths and showers, on both natural stone and glass surfaces. This cleaner is a neutral PH detergent and will not damage your surfaces. As this is a stronger cleaner than the S-P cleaner it must be rinsed off thoroughly. Ideally it should be used in showers at least once per week to reduce the build up of mould and soap scum.

Instructions for Use
Step 1: Mix 1 part Stone Deep Clean to 1 part water in a spray bottle.
Step 2: Wet the shower walls with water
Step 3: Spray the mixed Stone Deep Clean on one wall at a time so the solution does not dry out (approximately 9 sprays per wall)
Step 4: Use the special white nylon pad recommended for use with the cleaner (Scrub-a-dub) to spread the cleaner evenly over the entire wall. (DO NOT use other scourers ie green scourers as they will scratch stone and glass)
Step 5: Starting from the top and working your way down, scrub the wall with the white pad using circular motions. Use only moderate pressure when scrubbing
Step 6: Wash down the scrubbed wall thoroughly with clean water. The wall should look fresh and sparkling

If scum remains after rinsing, wet the pad with water and cleaner accumulated in the bottom of the shower and repeat the scrubbing process in the stubborn areas. If suds appear on the area, this means the soap is being removed.
If normal scrubbing does not remove the soap scum or mould call your stone care professional. They will be able to remove the stubborn excess and prepare your surface so that regular cleaning with Stone Deep Clean will be effective.
Ideally have the area cleaned first by a professional before using Stone Deep Clean for the first time, to prepare the surface for effective regular cleaning. Only use the recommended white Scrub-a-dub pad as general household scourers will scratch and damage stone surfaces.

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