Repair | Floors – Chips, Cracks, Scratches, Grout

Chipped Stone Floors

The latestest in technology repairs kits involves using a UV epoxy glue. This type of glue is similar to what dentists use to fill fillings and allows us the produce the best results possible with the hardest materials. In most cases the chip will always still be noticeable if you know where it is however it will be colour matched, levelled and polished. We are the market leaders by far with regards to the se types of repairs.


  • Benchtop becomes stronger than it was originally.
  • Stops dirt entering the chip.
  • Epoxy is filled to a similar colour to the stone.
  • Stone will not grab shirts and be rough to touch.

Scratch Repairs in Floors
To repair the scratch we will use resin boned diamond pads and special wet polishing machines. These area used to grind the surface of the stone to the depth of the scratch and then move up through the grades of abrasives up to a 1500 grit polish and then use a diamond polishing compound to bring back and the original new reflection.


  • Saves replacing tiles.
  • Simple method of repair
  • Less invasive than removing tiles.

Repairing Cracks in Floor
To repair cracks we will use a special coloured epoxy resin. This is applied to the crack prior to polishing the area. After drying (5 minutes) the epoxy is ground back to the level of the stone surface and the polished back to a glossy surface. In most cases the crack will always still be noticeable however it will be smooth to feel.


  • Stops the cracks from accumulating dirt.
  • Returns the surface back to a smooth tile.
  • Epoxy is filled to a similar colour to the stone.