Frequently Asked Questions

Most scouring pads will scratch the surface of natural stone and damage the glossy finish. Use a clean cotton mop or cloth to clean or polish stone as these are gentle on the surface and will not scratch it. If scouring is necessary, use only professionally recommended products such as the Scrub-a-Dub white scourer, and follow the directions given by your stone care professional. Change the water regularly when rinsing.
Granite is a more suitable and durable stone than marble to use for a kitchen benchtop as it has a high resistance to scratching and heat, will not etch with acidic liquids and does not absorb moisture like marble. It is also more resistant to bacteria as it is less porous. Beware of cheap imitation granites though as these contain some calcite and will etch. Test with some lemon juice to ensure the stone you are purchasing is pure granite. If the stone contains some calcite it will etch or develop a dull spot. If you use marble expect it to stain and understand that to keep it looking good it will require regular repolishing.
Yes you need to have your marble sealed with a good quality penetrating sealer as it is a soft, porous stone. Unsealed marble will absorb liquids, which will lead to staining. Although sealing your stone with a penetrating sealer will not protect it from etching it will protect it from staining and it will help preserve the look of your marble for longer. A penetrating sealer is recommended instead of a surface sealer as a waxy surface sealer will sit on top of the stone and eventually become scratched and dull.
Natural stone contains a variety of minerals that can react adversely to some chemicals. Commercial cleaners often contain chemicals that can disturb the delicate PH balance of the stone and the minerals and destroy the look and feel of the stone. Some cleaners that contain lemon or vinegar are acidic and can etch the surface. Stone soaps and cleaners are PH balanced and designed to gently penetrate porous surfaces and lift in-grained dirt. To avoid damage use only recommended products.