With almost 20 years experience in stone restoration in Australia,

The Marble Man is Australia’s number one stone polishing, sealing and repair specialist.

We polish, seal and repair all stone surfaces. There is not much point having beautiful marble or stone surfaces if they don’t look great.  The most common maintenance required to stone is to have the surface polished occasionally to bring the natural gloss back to the surface. Polishing of marble and stone floors and benchtops can make the difference between a dull tied bathroom or floor and a brand new looking stone surface. At The Marble Man we use several different polishing techniques to produce amazing results to tired looking marble and stone surfaces. Our technicians are located on the Gold Coast, Brisbane, Sunshine Coast and Byron Bay and are ready to assist.

Does your marble or Stone look Dull, Worn, Stained or Scratched? Need it polished and looking like new again? YES

Polishing Marble and Stone Benchtops, Floors and Bathrooms

Marble Polishing Guarantee

When we polish your marble or stone surface we want you to be assured of our quality and level of service. This is why we offer all our clients a 7 point guarantee.

Marble and Stone Polishing

The Marble Man team offers a huge range of polishing systems to produce many different finishes depending on your requirements.

Kitchens and Vanity Benchtops

Marble or Stone benchtop Polishing

Marble or Stone Benchtop Honing

Floor tiles

Marble or Stone Floor Polishing

Marble or Stone Floor Honing


Marble or Stone Shower Polishing

Marble or Stone Wall Polishing

Marble or Stone Vanity Polishing

The Marble Man was started in 1992 by Shaun Roberts, current owner and Managing Director. Although Shaun’s background was in stone manufacture and installation, he recognised a need in the industry for stone restoration services. At that time diamond abrasive and sealing technology was developing at a rapid rate in the United States yet it was not being widely used in Australia. The Marble Man began using this new technology and found that it was extremely effective and produced amazing results.

The Marble Man has continued to grow since then and now has a team of stone restoration specialists servicing Northern NSW, the Gold Coast, Brisbane, Sunshine Coast and other areas throughout Qld. It is the largest stone restoration company in the region and continues to grow due to its reputation for providing quality service. The Marble Man uses cutting edge technology and will continue to update its equipment and services so it remains at the forefront of stone restoration in Australia.

Our team
The team at The Marble Man will do its very best to provide you with professional, 5 star service and effective stone care solutions. Our administration and sales team are trained and available on line and on the phone to answer your questions. Our team members receive hands on, practical training on stone care processes and are kept up to date with the latest techniques and technology. They will repair or restore your precious stone with great care and will make every effort to return your stone to its natural looking best. If you would like us to inspect your stone and advise on its repair or restoration an experienced team member will visit at a time convenient to you and provide a no obligation, free quote.

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